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Further Technologies

There are further application areas for our tool technologies in addition to the described main sectors. Some of these are outlined below. Ask us to optimise your manufacturing processes and benefit from 40 years of expertise in the field of tool technology. We will help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your machining  processes  with  our  engineering  solutions  and  we  would  be  pleased  to  advise  you accordingly.

Circular  milling  tool  with  3-edge  inserts. Tool is customised for special applications  in  large-scale production operations  (machining  of  brake  callipers).

T-groove milling cutter with precision interface (Hirth serration), which can also be used for circular milling applications of pockets and grooves (dimensions on request).

Groove broaching tool (control grooves on special machine shown here).  Keyways can be realised on modern CNCs without any problems. The subsequent removal procedure is thus no longer necessary.

Combination tool for back-angling and milling  of  snap-in  grooves  and  catch grooves. The machining process for producing back-angling in sliding sleeves is currently quite popular. We cover this topic and design the process in close collaboration with the machine manufacturer and the customer.

Demand for our reamer inserts is rising.  A  homogeneous  cutting  edge with the appropriate coating plays an important  role  for  good  results  here as well.


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