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Bit and driver blade profiles must be adapted in their versatility, individually and precisely, to meet the requirements of the market and production machines used for their manufacture. There are also several synchronised and rotary machining applications in this area.

Pozidrive cutters with bits

In the twin tool holder for the production of Pozidrive bits and cutting blades, two adjustable cartridges are integrated in a holder. All Pozidrive profiles can be produced by changing the cartridges.

Inserts for bits

Cutting inserts to produce screwdriver bits and blades for Philipps, Pozidrive, Torx and Vielzahn. Certainly, they are perfectly suited for gear tooth milling.

Bit production

A simple miller is depicted with a UTS adapter and with inserts fitted directly. All common adaptations are possible. You can use toe dogs to clamp the inserts or you can clamp them directly via Torx bolts..

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