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Fly Cut Milling - Economic Gear Manufacture

The fly-cut milling process facilitates cost-effective manufacture of gearing when using corresponding machines (hobbing machines, combination lathes, lathes with driven tool). The use of insert milling cutters offers significant advantages for smaller to medium-sized tooth geometries when compared to the rather expensive hobbing machines, which require additional steps for resharpening and coating. Tool costs are in the extremely moderate range since most of the time inserts with multiple cutting edges are used.

Combination tool for face and side cutting. Two rough cutters and one finishing cutter are used for side cutting applications. Three finishing cutters are used for machining the secondary sensor face gearing. Axial and radial adjustment is possible for all milling cartridges.

Milling cartridge tool with three cutting edges, two rough cutters and one finishing cutter. The cartridges are adjustable and can be replaced in case of broken or worn inserts.

Compact fly-cut milling cutter with direct insert seats.  Here the advantage lies in the small trajectory radius of only 45 mm and the precise fitting position. This ensures that the rough and finishing cutters are set correctly.

Rotary face milling of coupling members with parallel workpiece tool axes. While the main cutting edges cut the tooth flanks, chamfering is carried out by the inserts. The insert cartridges can be adjusted via fine pitch adjustment screws.

Tool with three cutting edges for face milling a spline tooth. Due to multiple cutting edges short machining times are possible despite a large number of teeth. The tool can also be used for one edge cutting applications.



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