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Layout for backtaptapering

The process is CAD simulated to illustrate the tool's hypocycloidal trajectory path and to determine the collision clearance and the data to set up the machinery. All information thus attained is kept in a data sheet.

Backtapering (CAD)

Detailed illustration of the back-angling process of a sliding sleeve. During this process it is of critical importance to ensure that there is ample space for the removal of accumulating chips between the tool's discharge and the base of the tooth and to have the tool emerge in its protuberance before it stops to reverse to the outwards motion.

Tools for backtapering

Präwema's machining technique for back-angling has been continuing to draw an ever-increasing demand for back-angling machining. A close corporation between the manufacturing company and the machinery and tool manufacturers is required to perfectly fine-tune the process.

Backtapering with snap-in groove 

Back-angling is produced by two back-angling cutting elements. With the change of direction of rotation, first the left and then the right side will be machined. Then the miller is repositioned to make the snap-in groove. CAPTO adapters are always used for these tools since they ensure the most precise radial positioning.


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