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The most important characteristics of a gearshift transmission involve the chamfer of gear tooth tips which ensures smooth shifting. Different chamfer shapes are used to eliminate gear shifting problems or jams. Our task is the development and manufacture of the corresponding tools which are used for the manufacture of virtually all automotive transmissions. Apart from the required precision, the surface quality also plays an important role here.

Crown chamfering: Crown chamfering in (clocked) pushing mode, whereby the chamfer shape is defined by both the left-hand and right-hand milling tools. These are preferably double-edged milling cutters which can be fixed to the exact position via the adjustment ring. 

Rotary chamfering and chamfering of starter pinions. All characteristic shapes are chamfered synchronously which ensures quick machining times. 

Rotary radiussing of inner gearing (truck sliding sleeve). A tool for concurrent deburring can be used, if needed.

Straight chamfering: Manufacture of straight tips via rotation, whereby the shown double-edged cutting tools can be applied as of approx. 48 teeth. 

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