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The chip removal volume per time unit is still the most crucial factor for calculations relevant to machining processes. Our milling tools are typically designed with inserts fitted vertically for spatial reasons, so that our customers can benefit from the time advantage. In this way higher cutting rates are feasible or the trajectory radius can be reduced (speed and feed rate can be increased). This design offers significant advantages when compared to horizontally or tangentially fitted inserts.


Side milling cutter with 22 inserts. The workpiece-specific fitting arrangement of the inserts enables the realisation of four cutting edges per insert. The cutting edge geometry is adapted to the X153CrMoV12 (1.2379) workpiece material.


Compact arbor cutter (4 rows) with 40 mm trajectory radius. Can be combined with eight tangentially and eight vertically fitted inserts.


Profile cutter with quadruple cutting arrangement, whereby the centre 2 by 6 (four-edged) inserts produce the deep groove, and the 2 by 6 (double-edged) inserts machine the wide groove and the transition radius.


Quiet running behaviour is determined by application-specific selection of the cutting arrangement. Furthermore, the costs for cutting materials can be kept low with simple insert forms. Complex and expensive custom profile inserts can thus often be avoided. Your requirements for profile accuracy and tool change accuracy are met unconditionally as well as those for radial run-out and axial run-out tolerances which determine the quality and the tool life.


Side milling cutter for cutting the guide groove. The workpiece is precision face milled and the remaining neck is also chamfered back.


Profiling of gear rack with 2-row side milling cutter. The left-hand tool cuts the run-out section while the right-hand tool machines two teeth (gaps) simultaneously.


Milling cutter with 175 mm trajectory radius designed for extreme feed rates (60 cutting edges); quiet running behaviour due to effective cutting arrangement – the perfect design for large grooves.

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