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A Wide Variety of solutions is possible with tool systems from K+G for a multitude of grooving applications. This may be due to the fact that grooving applications were our initial fi eld of operation after the company was established in 1971. Continuous advancements and enhanced with new ideas, this area is one of our key sectors, today more than ever. Cost-effective use of cutting materials is our objective here as well. Less is often more!


Combination tool for profiling and angling; radial adjustment of ±0.2 mm is possible via adjustment cartridge (LNKB 1605 RE).


Deep grooving (20 mm) of materials that form long continuous chips. The tool interface is CAPTO-3 with inside coolant supply; the freely protruding blade ensures a long tool life for inserts and tool holders.

Internal grooving tool with doubleedge insert and inside coolant supply, cutting radius of 11.5 mm for two different grooves without having to change tools due to radial and axial movement, starting at a 23 mm inner diameter.


Internal grooving and profiling of complex geometrical features; double-edge insert with adjusted holder system.


A solution with two smaller rather than one large insert is more cost-effective in the long run because of the reduction in cutting materials and time needed. We make sure that there are no surprises after you have changed the inserts. Our high-quality products ensure outstanding profi le accuracy, high tool change accuracy and thus high productivity.


Double grooving tool holders for axial grooving on both sides of sliding sleeves with insert replacement cartridges.


Double grooving tool holders with axial and radial adjustment (no play) for external machining applications of sliding sleeves on multi-spindle machines. The level of chip formation in the tooth protuberance determines the tool life, which is the real challenge to meet here due to the interrupted cut.


Axial grooving (undercut) with tripleedge insert for synchronising gears (shift wheel). Fitting angle adapted to workpiece-geometry; cost-effective standard cartridge as wear part.


Internal machining with screwed inserts. Precision axial adjustment via fine pitch adjustment screw.

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