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K+G - Pacesetter instead of Imitator

Bringing new ideas to life and optimising proven tool systems will provide the critical competitive edge - for us, and particularly for you. We therefore invest a significant amount of work in research and development.

We tend to every detail from the start of the project. After analysing the results of an initial feasibility study and on receipt of drawings and diagrams, we decide in the customer's best interest, whether we are capable of offering an economic solution. 

Following clarification of the intended machine concept, we will configure the actual design using a 3D CAD system. Machine axes, clamping situation and tool orientation are given consideration, so as to provide virtual representation of movement sequences relevant to rotary (synchronised) machining processes.

The result is not a product of chance, but the outcome of years of experience in combination with the utilisation of modern simulation tools. If needed, we provide a simple video clip of the movement sequence (i.e. the synchronised rotation of tool and workpiece).



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