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QM Certification to ISO 9001

Within the framework of meeting our obligation for due diligence concerning the quality assurance of our products, we have laid down our quality managment policy in a manual. The quality management system we have introduced is described in this manual. The implementation of this quality management system ensures that all organisational, administrative, and technical activities that may affect the quality are planned, controlled and monitored. 

We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2005 and re-certified accordingly. The QM system implemented by us is based on the latest standards of DIN EN ISO-9001:2015 (German; English).



  •    Continual improvement of all operation divisions and processes
  •    Reduction of waste and scattering
  •    Cultivation of close relations with our customers and suppliers
  •    Every employee assumes full responsibility fo rmaintaining the standard of quality within his/her sphere of activity
  •    Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  •    Adaption of the work environment to ensure that activities can be efficiently completed
  •    Assurance of occupational safety and health


A combination of random samples and 100-percent checks ensure compliance with quality standards throughout the entire production process.

High-precision episcopes in conjunction with matching transparencies created from CAD ensure maximum profile accuracy.

The cutting edge is adapted to the machining application. The produced cutting edge geometry (radius, chamfer) is then accurately measured.

Comprehensive measurement and control equipment enables the examination of the insert coating thickness using ball cratering. We optimise the coating layer quality through in-depth comparison of test results.

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