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Our Production

Man and Machine at Work for You

In order to maintain our technological edge, we have not only invested into highly qualified personnel but also into machinery that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to handling even the most difficult tasks. A wide range of high-quality machines is available within our production department for this purpose. 

Careful handling, machining, and inspection during face grinding is the basis for the subsequent precision machining of blanks. 

Modern automated grinding machines are available for the manufacture of profile inserts.

Machines developed in accordance with our own concepts are designed for continous contour-controlled grinding applications and for plunge grinding ("creep feed grinding"). The first choice for profiling medium-sized or large-scale production batches with optimum change precision and profile accuracy. 

The use of machines with robotic loading systems is vital for the production range of "peripheral grinding" machines. The latest generation of these machines offers even more complex grinding operations and ever quicker grinding cycles.

Technology + Experience = Success

The high quality of our cutting tools is obviously not only achieved by the application of state-of-the-art technologies for their manufacture, but by the extensive experience our employees bring to the table. 

Extensive experience in programming our automatic grinding machines guarantees optimised grinding processes and maximum precision for meeting complex requirements of different grinding operations.

With the utilisation of laser technology there are virtually no limitations to the individual labelling of inserts and tool holders. By burning drawing number and batch number as well as grade and coating on the parts, we are able to trace batches within our quality assurance system.

Comprehensive measurement and inspection procedures support the production process. Furthermore, individual precision presettings for tool holders and cartridges can be realised.

Precision milling machines are available within our tool holder production department. And here as well, expertise rather than the machine dictates whether the result is going to meet our high requirements. 



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